ABC Refinery pouring gold into molds

ABC Refinery Blog

Thank you for visiting the ABC Refinery blog, which has been designed to provide readers insight into precious metal refining in Australia, China and beyond. As an industry leader for more than five decades, the vertically-integrated Pallion/ABC Refinery group has offered worlds of opportunity to those looking to enter or invest in the precious metals sector. To better appreciate the information readers will find on the ABC Refinery blog, it’s essential to break down services offered by ABC Refinery to clients of all backgrounds and personal/business needs.

ABC Refinery’s primary offerings include:

  • Refining 
  • Receipt & Sampling 
  • Assaying
  • Fabrication 
  • Finance & Storage 

Mining gold and making it into a marketable product worthy of owning is best left to industry experts with a long-standing reputation in the space. As it pertains to refining services, The Refinery is an independent LBMA & SGE-accredited gold-specific refinery in Australia. Moreover, it is the only independent refinery of its type in the country and this status confirms ABC Bullion’s position as a brand and cornerstone of Australasian physical gold trading.

The science behind the refining process is considerable and again, a factor best left to professionals. The input-dependent aqua regia, chlorination and electrolytic refining methodologies employed by ABC Refinery are also proprietary services.

There is an efficient procedure that evaluates incoming precious metals and ABC Refinery has employed it to great use. First, received packages are inspected for damage once the delivery is complete. This is done to identify any signs of tampering and to record total parcels received, weight and possible non-conformities. Following unpacking, weight of the material is taken, it will be photographed, assigned a description and then entered into the “ABC Refinery ERP” system. This level of inspection, oversight and tracking exemplifies Pallion’s commitment to being a responsible refiner and working with only legitimate and ethical sources.

Four bars of gold from ABC Refinery stacked

Melt loss is a justified concern and ABC Refinery offers a closely-managed melting process. This service is well-known throughout the industry because it minimizes melt loss and maximizes the return. An additional effort employed to maximize revenue is the assay process, which consistently guarantees accurate data on refining batches. As it pertains to gold fabrication, ABC Refinery handles finished and semi-finished items. This includes coins, minted tablets, minted blank tablets, precious metal granules and cast bars.

In future posts, the blog will also tackle the noteworthy topics of finance and storage. ABC Refinery is known globally for providing a full array of financial solutions for physical precious metals. Superior storage solutions are also offered for incoming client metal at its facilities — including full insurances.

We hope readers will visit this website often for more information regarding the gold industry. This blog offers valuable insight into an array of topics that pertain to the history of gold, the current status of the gold industry and the all-important projections for the future.