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ABC Refinery liquidation

Accreditation is a form of quality control, it ensures that a company meets or exceeds the industry standard for quality. For ABC Refinery, their accreditations not only serve as a validation of the quality of their service, but it also helps open doors into new countries and opportunities. Today, we will take a look at the accreditations earned by ABC Refinery over the years.

SGE – SGE stands for the Shanghai Gold Exchange. ABC Refinery is proud to be the only independent SGE accredited gold refiner. The appointment by the SGE made ABC Refinery one of the seven foreign refineries accredited by SGE. This accreditation allows ABC Refinery to produce gold products at a world-class standard to China.

LBMAABC Refinery is Australia’s one and only independent accredited gold refiner by the London Bullion Market Association. ABC Refinery’s appointment to this list is a direct result of the company’s ability to refine and produce gold products at the highest level. LBMA is widely accepted as the highest international standard in the industry. There are extremely stringent assaying and bar quality criteria standards by the LBMA.

NATA – The ABC Refinery laboratory is the only Australian refinery laboratory to receive accreditation by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). Their esteemed laboratory did an analysis of gold, silver and their alloys.  ABC Refinery can enjoy full peace of mind with this accreditation because it is a guarantee of the consistency, accuracy and dependability of the metallurgical data relating to every ABC Refinery refining batch.

AS and ILAC – Australian Standards and International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation have both provided ABC Refinery with their accreditations. This allows Australian business partners to see transparently the strength of the company’s analysis of gold, silver and their alloys.

Gold Industry Group – ABC Refinery is an associate member of the Gold Industry Group. The company currently has an active position on the Board of Directors. The Gold Industry Group works to provide a united voice in the Australian gold industry. This independent industry body works to represent the interests of all the professionals who make their living through refinery. This includes gold producers, explorers, prospectors and supplier.

ABC Refinery works hard to be the gold standard in the gold industry. These accreditations are just minor validations when it comes to speaking to the quality of the work done by the company. ABC Refinery looks forward to showing why they are indeed the best in the business.

ABC Refinery

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