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In early history, coins made of gold and other precious metals circulated as currency throughout the world.  Today, while many countries produce coins with different metals, there are various uses for gold coins, tablets and other products created by refineries.  One of the many services provided by ABC Refinery is fabrication, in which precious metals are used to produce coins, tablets, granules and cast bars.  While not as common in circulating currency today, there are many uses for these fabricated items.

Gold Coins

The Royal Australian Mint is Australia’s leading coin producer, and ABC Refinery is its supplier of choice.  The Royal Australian Mint offers coins for use as everyday currency, collector pieces, and investments.  Many tourists visiting a gift shop will catch sight of collector coins, which portray the attraction or piece of history and act as souvenirs.  Some individuals work diligently to amass a complete collection of coins, such as one coin from each of the United States.  ABC Refinery produces minted coins featuring detailed images and imprints.  Gold is one of the safer investment opportunities and there are numerous ways in which to invest in the precious metal.  Some individuals choose to obtain coins for investment, as the value of the coin carries a specific price.  Investment coins can be an excellent gift option, as they are beautifully created and hold financial value.


Similar to coins, minted tablets have a rectangular shape and are adorned with imprinted decoration.  Tablets produced by ABC Refinery can also be used as investments.  With the proper storage facility like that offered by ABC Refinery, tablets are a less risky investment option compared to other areas of the market.  The tablets usually feature imprinted weights and metal content.


ABC Refinery produces metal granules for various businesses in multiple industries.  Because of their small nature, granules are easier to be manipulated and combined.  Granules are used frequently for manufacturing in the jewelry industry and are able to be soldered.  The pieces of gold granules that ABC Refinery offers can also be used for industrial applications.  Gold is used in the production of devices such as computers and cell phones.  The medical field utilizes gold for products such as dental crowns and surgical devices.  Granules shipped from ABC Refinery are less bulky to transport and arrive in sealed containers with certificates reflecting high quality.

ABC Refinery

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